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My Kid’s Future is a national non-partisan grassroots group of parents and child advocates working together to ensure that President Trump and Members of Congress give every kid a real opportunity to attend the school of their choice. We believe that parents should have greater control over their child’s education. The best way to accomplish that goal is to pass a nationwide tax credit to expand education scholarships for low and middle-income families. When a parent has the ability to send their kid to a better school, the results are life-changing. We don’t advocate for more taxpayer money or more government interference in education. We want a proven solution that encourages charitable donations for scholarships to give parents more options. Parents and our kids deserve it. My Kid’s Future is a special project of the EdTaxCredit50 National Coalition. This campaign is funded by the Invest in Education Coalition.

Who We Are

Everyone raising a child deserves more control over that child’s education. Who could argue with that? These are our kids. President Trump and Congress need to understand: We can give parents more options and give millions of kids a chance for a better future without spending more taxpayer money or creating expensive government programs. A national Education Scholarship Tax Credit would feed private money into charities that can make school choice possible for kids in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is School Choice?

School Choice is a general term that includes a variety of options to help parents have more flexibility when deciding what school their kids can attend.

Why is an Education Scholarship Tax Credit the best way to give kids greater opportunity to go to a better school?

The Education Scholarship Tax Credit is the easiest way to give kids in all 50 states greater school choice because it only takes a small change to the current tax laws and doesn’t require more taxpayer money or government bureaucracy.

How does the Tax Credit work?

It’s simple – Donors give money to non-profit charitable organizations that then provide scholarships to lower and middle-income kids who apply for the funds. Parents then choose a private or religious school for their child to attend. If the student is accepted to that school, the charity awards a scholarship for all or a portion of the tuition. The donors to the charity receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for their gift to help education.

Are Tax Credits being used anywhere now?

Yes. 17 states currently have laws that allow education scholarships that today serve more than 600,000 students. Those students would not have the ability to go to those schools because their parents couldn’t afford to send them. A national program will help millions of kids who currently don’t have access to more school options because their parents can’t afford tuition.

Who would benefit the most from a national Education Scholarship Tax Credit policy?

The Education Scholarship Tax Credit would benefit millions of children across the country, particularly lower and middle income families from all races and backgrounds.

What do President Trump and the Congress need to do now?

President Trump and Congressional leaders need to pass H.R. 5153 to make a small change to the tax code that provides a tax credit to donors of scholarship and workforce development funds. That will encourage tens of millions of dollars in additional private money to flow to charities that give parents more options for their kids.

Does the Education Scholarship Tax Credit take money away from Public Schools?

No. The tax credit would not decrease government aid to public education. The tax credit provides charitable donors with a greater ability to give to private or religious education.

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