Don’t Forget About Homeschool Students!

When we talk about expanding freedom of choice in education, it’s important to remember the important role that homeschooling plays in the greater conversation.

As Anna Beth Houston Writes over at Empower Mississippi:

[M]y first experience in a public school classroom happened when I was tutoring a sixth grade math class while in college. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I would leave everyday crying. I saw the stark contrast between the education I received and what other Mississippi students were receiving.

The light bulb moment came for me when I left tutoring one day. We had been working on fractions for the past six weeks, and the teacher told me, “When you come next week, we’ll be moving on from fractions.”

I can remember in that moment realizing that the half of the class I had been helping didn’t understand fractions and would never understand them. This would be a huge hole in their education. How many other holes did those students already have? How many more would they accumulate in their lives?

The only response was, “We don’t have time to keep working on fractions.” My heart was broken again, and I cried. I’ve continued to cry for those kids, but that moment lit a fire in me. That answer wasn’t good enough for me.

There has to be another answer.

We believe that parents should be free to make the best possible decisions for their children’s educational futures. And for many families in communities around our country, homeschooling makes all the sense in the world. That’s a fact worth appreciating!

Click here to read the whole story via Empower Mississippi.

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