Military Families Deserve More Education Options When Public Schools Aren’t Enough

Children in military-connected families face unique challenges when it comes to something as seemingly simple as going to school. A family that is routinely on the move will find it especially hard to ensure consistent quality for a child’s education, as not all communities are created equal– particularly when it comes to public schools.

As Lindsey M. Burke writes at Real Clear Defense:

Such options are needed for all children but would be particularly useful for military families. Melinda Bargery, a mother of four, knows the unique challenges they face. Her husband, Col. Chris Bargery, served in the Air Force for more than 28 years. During her husband’s 14 different assignments, her family had to move 21 times.

“It just took so much of our time, and we thought we were going to have to put him [their son] in classes like ‘Dress for Success’ rather than an AP [Advanced Placement] psych class or something like that,” she said. “So you just run up against situations like that over and over.”

She also said that having the option to access online courses would provide military families with consistency when they move from duty station to duty station.

If public schools are serving military families well, then what is the worry? If they aren’t, military families – indeed all families – deserve a choice. Opponents of education choice play mental gymnastics on this point: in the same breath, they argue both that families love their district schools while arguing that, if given a choice, there would be a mass exodus of students, devastating public education. Which is it?

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