AROUND THE WEB: “Trump Seeks to Expand School Choice Push”

Big changes are coming to the way our government spends on education for the 2019 fiscal year. While the Trump administration is seeking to reduce overall federal education spending by about 5 percent, school choice programs around the country are getting a boost.

As Andrew Ujifusa writes at Education Week:

“Trump is seeking $1 billion in grants for states for private and public school choice programs called Opportunity Grants. This new funding could also help districts that elect to participate in the Every Student Succeeds Act’s weighted-funding pilot, which would allow federal, state, and local funding to follow students to the public school of their choice. Trump also wants $500 million in federal charter school funding, an increase of roughly 50 percent from current spending levels, which is also the same as his first budget blueprint.”

As a parent, make sure you stay in the know about how these important changes will enhance the options available to you and your family as you make decisions about your kid’s future!

Click here to read the whole story over at Education Week.

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