Granting Families Educational Freedom Will Keep Paying Dividends

When it comes to public education, not all schools are created equal, and neither are all communities or districts or states. So, in communities in which public schools are insufficient in providing for the essential needs of our kids or even ensuring their safety, the best solution is to allow parents to send their children to the school of their choice

As Teresa Mull writes over at the Heartland Institute:

A 2016 EdChoice survey found, “A whopping 93 percent of parents who enroll their children in an Indiana private school through one of the state’s school choice programs were at least ‘somewhat satisfied’ with their private school, while 81 percent of school choice parents said they were ‘very satisfied.’”

The results are the same across the country, too. Families sign up on long waiting lists and make enormous sacrifices to have the chance to participate in school choice programs, because they know it provides opportunities the traditional government-run schools can’t.

My Kid’s Future recognizes that as these programs continue to demonstrate success, they’ll be able to expand to all 50 states and extend benefits to millions of kids who deserve a chance to succeed!

Click here to read the whole story via Heartland.org.

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