How State Governors Can Deliver on Education Policy

This year, gubernatorial elections are taking place across the country in 36 states. And in every case, the conversation about how states educate their kids looms as one of the most important issues.

For the sake of our children’s futures, both incumbents and challengers alike need to be ready to make bold proposals that will keep us competitive and prepare the next generation for a lifetime of success.

As Michael J. Petrilli writes at Real Clear Education:

For states with strong standards, assessments, and accountability systems — and gladly, that’s many more states than in the past — the next step is effective implementation. More than anything, that means curriculum reform. Mandating curricula is too politically perilous, so candidates should follow in John White’s footsteps and make it easier for local districts to choose their own high quality resources. They should support local teachers’ choice of materials they themselves have found to be effective and aligned to statewide standards, and they should offer training that helps educators teach it.

Click here to read the whole story via RealClearEducation.com.

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