Kids in Military-connected Families Deserve Our Support

When we talk about expanding freedom of choice in education and giving parents a greater ability to make the best possible decision for their kids’ futures, fulfilling this promise for military families presents unique challenges.

But momentum in building in Congress to take on this issue head-on.

As Noah Manalo writes at The College Fix:

Rep. Jim Banks and several Republican cosponsors introduced the Education Savings Accounts for Military Families Act (HR-5199) earlier this month. Their Senate colleagues Ben Sasse, Tim Scott and Mike Lee introduced a companion bill, the Military Education Savings Account Act (S-2517), the same day…

According to Heritage Action for America, children in military families are often assigned to schools closest to the base, regardless of their quality, and more than half of active-duty families live in states with no school choice.

Both bills would go beyond the typical school voucher programs, which can be only used for tuition. The savings accounts would let families use funds for a number of educational expenses, including online classes, textbooks, tutoring and college savings.

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