Making the Best Choice for Your Kid’s Future Should Be a Right, Not a Privilege

Not every community’s public schools are created equal. When those options are simply insufficient to meet a child’s needs, we must have the courage to provide more options for our kids– and to declare that educational freedom cannot be a perk reserved for the moneyed few.

As Elizabeth Gilliam writes in the Tallahassee Democrat:

I am a former Leon County Schools teacher, and a parent. I understand that choice is personal. Everyone deserves to make the best choice for their family.

I also understand that “privilege” is often a word that incites strong emotion. Recognizing privilege is not a call for guilt — it is simply for one to recognize the presence of something in their life another person does not have.

In all of the cacophony of recent weeks, please hear this. Those with the privilege of choice are simply being asked to remember those without it. Attending your neighborhood school should not be a last resort for anyone, especially if it is the only resort for some.

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