New Hampshire Governor Aims to Give Families More Choice and Flexibility in Education

In his first State of the State address delivered earlier this month, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu mentioned some education policy goals that caught our eye.

Per an account from David Lemery at Watchdog.org:

Sununu made a point of praising the state’s public school system, noting that he was the first New Hampshire governor in 25 years who had graduated from the public schools. But he also talked about the importance of school choice in allowing families to select options that work best for their children.

“I believe in the teachers, I believe in the students,” he said. “However, I believe we can all agree that a one-size-fits-all system doesn’t always work for each student, which is why our education system has to explore every opportunity to give parents choice and flexibility. Education savings accounts will be our most significant step yet, giving parents and children the ability to choose their education path that’s best suited for them.”

My Kid’s Future agrees that public schools play an essential role in the education of America’s children. But when one-size-fits-all can’t get the job done, parents in all 50 states deserve the freedom to make the best decisions for their families!

Click here to read the whole story via Watchdog.org.

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