$60 Million for Parental Choice in Education? Welcome to South Carolina


Great news for parents in South Carolina, where the push for expanded freedom of choice in education is on the march.

Per a recent article from FITSNews:

“State senator Tom Davis filed a bill this week that would dramatically expand the Palmetto State’s fledgling parental choice program – providing $25 million in scholarships for exceptional needs children, $25 million in scholarships for low-income children and $10 million in tax credits for children who are homeschooled by their parents. Davis’ bill would restore control of the program back to the private sector….”

My Kid’s Future wants parents to have the freedom to make the best possible decisions for their kids’ futures in all 50 states. And we want you to join us in this great effort.

Click here to read the whole story at FITSNews.

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