Standing Up for Families in Ohio

Ohio is one of dozens of states with programs that grant families additional freedom to make the best possible educational decisions for their kids’ futures.

But there’s more work to be done– and leaders in the Buckeye State are working to make it happen.

As State Sen. Matt Huffman, State Rep. Kyle Koehler, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush write in The Daily Advocate:

Ohio’s public schools and teachers are serving most of our children well. But one size doesn’t fit all and families who choose to seek a better option should have support. Demand for the state’s current educational choice programs has been remarkable, with 45,000 students now participating across the state. Not only do these programs meet the needs of tens-of-thousands of families, research has shown that these programs have led to improvements in public schools and save taxpayer dollars.

By combining three existing school choice scholarship programs into a single program, called the Ohio Opportunity Scholarship, families across Ohio will see immediate benefits. Right now, a family must research and apply separately for each of the three different scholarships. With the Ohio Opportunity Scholarship, there would be one source for all the needed details and only one application to submit.

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