Students in New Hampshire Deserve Better

Politicians in the Granite State have missed out on a major opportunity to deliver greater freedom of choice to families seeking the best possible education for their kids.

We must use these moments to redouble our efforts to deliver lasting victories — and the peace of mind that goes along with them — in as many communities as we can.

As Dave Solomon writes in the New Hampshire Union Leader:

The bill, which passed the Senate in 2017, was voted to interim study by the House last week, in what appeared to be the final vote on the bill for the current session.

But the Senate tacked its earlier version of the bill onto an unrelated House bill, and asked the House to join in a committee of conference to see if the school choice bill could be saved.

Opponents of the conference committee, led by Finance Committee Chairman Neal Kurk, R-Weare, argued that legislative rules would prohibit the Senate-House negotiators from incorporating many of the changes made in the bill by House committees, and urged support for interim study “to come up with a better bill next year.

“We will come up with a better bill for next session that doesn’t downshift the costs of this new program onto the backs of local property taxpayers,” said Kurk.

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