Want to Give Our Armed Forces a Boost? Let’s Improve the Way We Educate Their Kids!


Who faces a tougher task trying to get the best education for their kids than military parents? Our armed forces are the greatest in the world, but a demanding career in which picking up and moving is a consistent fact of life doesn’t always guarantee children in military-connected families access to the best possible schools.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do to help– as long as we know the facts. As a study from Military Times finds, as reported by Collaborative for Student Success:

Military families are making choices about whether to accept a particular duty station or depart the Armed Forces based in part on the quality of surrounding schools. The men and women who wear the uniform are at risk of voting with their feet if the education of their children suffers because of their choice to serve the nation. Military readiness is a multi-faceted challenge, and the education of military-connected children plays a vital role.

Elected officials at the state and federal levels must focus on providing the nearly one million military-connected children with high education standards that are consistent from school district to school district and state to state, and that properly prepare a child for career or college.

That’s right: the readiness of our armed forces will be enhanced the more we can ensure educational success for military-connected kids no matter where they may live. We simply must be willing to accept the challenge.

Click here to read the whole story via ForStudentSuccess.org.

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