Giving Parents Freedom of Choice in Education Produces Results!

When we empower students to attend a school that truly fits their needs, their capacity for achievement takes flight. All it takes is one look at the evidence.

As Tim Benson writes at the Heartland Institute:

Students participating in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program, the state’s largest school choice program by participation and the oldest private school choice program in the country, outperform students in Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) by 4.33 percentage points in math proficiency and 5.83 percentage points in ELA proficiency.

Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Research Director Will Flanders notes the “main drivers of the performance advantage of school choice relative to MPS” are Milwaukee’s Catholic and Lutheran schools. Catholic school students had a math proficiency rate 7.53 percentage points higher than their MPS peers and a reading proficiency rate that was 14.9 percentage points greater. Lutheran school students’ proficiency rate in math was also higher than their MPS peers, by 8.54 percentage points.

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